It’s finally 2021, a year that I’ve been talking about since I ran my first Tough Mudder back in 2014, the year I turn 40 and this year I’ll be embarking on possibly the biggest craziest adventure I’ve ever committed to (well, other than marriage and parenthood!)… World’s Toughest Mudder. I’ll be using this blog to log my preparation, keep you all up to date with how it’s going, but mainly, as a way of making sure I stick to my training and preparations.

As of 1st March, I’ve got my event ticket, booked flights, and booked a hotel. I’ve somehow convinced Oli to join me on this trip as my Pit Crew and I’ve just signed up with the awesome Personal Trainer Paul Bunce.

My first event of the year is only a few weeks away, the Equinox Ultra, I will be using this to baseline where my fitness currently is and to see how much damage Xmas and the last couple of lockdowns have done. This will be the last event of the year that I prep for by myself, once that event is out the way I’ll be under the strict guidance of Paul for all future craziness!

All future updates can be found in my Blog section and I’ll update this page as time goes on with a results sections for any events I take part in, and links to my training in Strava.

Latest from the Blog

Final Thoughts

And just like that, it’s all over! Oliver has handed my phone back, all the Tough Mudder formalities are done and I’m by myself for a final night in a USA hotel room, before flying back to the U.K. tomorrow.What a journey this has been, it started as a seed of an idea 5 yearsContinue reading “Final Thoughts”

The Race

These were the updates my pit crew Oli posted on social media… Lap 1; Complete “Brutal, absolutely brutal!” – Dave @ 12:50 Leader board is live. http://www.toughmudder.com/WTM Dave is a contender, so you can filter the board for that Lap 2; Complete Dave is settling in to now, feeling good and staying hydrated It’s noContinue reading “The Race”

Made it to Nevada

We’re here! After 4.5 hours in the car from LA, we’re in Laughlin Nevada. We headed straight to the event site to check-in and check out the place. We got our bibs (race number 1116 for me and “pit crew” for Oli) and then walked over to the pit area. My area is in anContinue reading “Made it to Nevada”

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